The Sequin design solves so many rooms…

The Sequin design in our all wool “Phoenix” weave strikes the right pose with simplistic beauty combined with sophisticated textural movement. That “PW” personality just loves to cozy up to a variety of interiors making it simple problem solver that doesn’t ask for any compromises. 3 stocked colors available in all standard rug sizes and endless custom.

Sequin PW in the Discus color way is the boldest of the three Programmed pieces and a great companion to more traditional rugs such as a Heriz or Oushak style that may contain similar reds and corals.
The Blue Dusk color is a serene landscape of neutrals with the right lift of blue, presented in the variegating “PW” yarn that gives the user a wide range of hues to sync the room with.
Blue Mantis is the most neutral palette and blends warm wheat and bone tones with cooler greys and taupes making it a room catch-all.

Be sure to visit our website to learn more about the Sequin design and the MANY companions we stock in standard rug sizes and offer for endless custom adaptations.

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