Ned Talks Podcast Episode #3-Bespoke Custom with The Scarab

NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist Tamarian presents NEDtalks

In this ROBUST episode we talk with Michael Christie, Editor of Rug Insider Magazine as well as colorful industry blogger, The Ruggist! We try to coax BOTH of these voices to the table to see how they manage their different perspectives and learn a bit of Michael's backstory that may inform these two "characters".  We cover a lot but the central themes emerge as Michael articulates his passions for the industry and his genuine love for rugs. ENJOY and be sure to visit our blog for the visual companion!
  1. NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist
  2. Bespoke Custom Rug with The Scarab
  3. Portland Maine Edition-Brett Mougalian and Tyler Karu
  4. Tamarian Social Presents: NED talks Pilot Episode

Please enjoy this visual companion to our podcast as we learn the story of this custom design created in partnership with our Minturn, CO dealer The Scarab.

Creating the design from a single image.

The flower image initially sent for inspiration to create a custom rug design.
The initial rendering creates a working piece of art that can be tinkered and tweaked with endlessly!

Adjusting to desired color palette

Tamarian offers 1200 color choices in our standard poms set but can also create endless variations by tweeding colors, adjusting dye saturation, and other techniques to get the color just right.

A palette of 14 colors was created to allow for shading, outlining, and other techniques that give the design dimension. Tamarian can build these palettes from a simpler color story, even a single color concept, so designers and end users don’t have to tax themselves with all the work!

This project started with the design concept and later introduced the desired color palettes, the size and scale also evolved from the initial concept and placement/function in the room became a consideration as noted on the CADS below.

CAD artwork provides a visual representation of the eventual rug but also conveys important factors such as placement and how the piece may function in the context of the room. We can even superimpose blueprint drawings with custom rugs inserted to convey details to job site installers, etc.

The final CAD is produced and approved to begin knotting!

The initial concept evolved into something wholly unique and becomes a one-of-a-kind piece with a story!

A strike-off sample is produced to check colors and create a “control” to help ensure consistency.

Strike-offs capture all the colors in the finished rug but do not show the overall design, especially for rug as large as 12’x18′.

Be sure to check back to see the progress of this and other exciting custom projects we are currently working on. And be sure to contact us or your local Tamarian dealer to begin YOUR custom rug project today!

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