Tamarian Social Playlist #19- Fall HP MKT 2020

A mellower road-friendly list for all of us traveling to High Point NC for Fall 2020 MKT! A little fall and flannel mixes with themes of renewal, reuniting, and journeying in pursuit of love and light. Paired with a glimpse of Lamina VW Multi; a fun textural play with a lively color palette!

Lamina VW Multi is a wool & silk with playful textural elements and a varied color palette offering many paths of inspiration.
Lamina VW Jubilee is an alt color way in the same wool & silk quality.
Lamina VW Multi in all its glory!

Tamarian Social Playlist #18-Tamarian house band Dickens & Ballsworth 2019 NYC Setlist

One year ago, Tamarian house band Dickend & Ballsworth dropped a hefty set of music on a crowd of rug industry mainstays.

Although we will miss gathering this year in NYC to relive the GLORY that was our 2019 celebration, we offer this playlist set as a reminder of the good times we had and to keep us boogieing forward towards a return to THE PARTY! Meanwhile, we are preparing for VIRTUAL RUGGING (VR) this year which will be BYOB but less strict about dress codes.

Kids in The Hall alum Kevin McDonald is SUING Dickens & Ballsworth!!!!
Tamarian house band Dickens & Ballsworth perform at an NYC loft party 2019.


Tamarian joins Label STEP as Licensed Partner.

Aligned with the non-profit’s stated mission to improve working and living conditions for weavers and workers, Tamarian sees STEP’s holistic approach to addressing problems in the industry as the most effective way to cause positive change.

9/8/2020 — Baltimore, MD In a recent company memo sent by Tamarian to their dealer base, Principal Ryan Higgins celebrated the company’s decision to partner with Label STEP as real evidence that Tamarian “cares about the future.” Since taking sole ownership of one of the world’s leading importers of Tibetan rugs, Higgins has restated Tamarian’s Mission Statement that is in concert with STEP’s commitment to eliminating child labor, empowering weavers and workers, and fostering an environmentally sound production.

Reassuring An Established Fanbase

Tamarian has been a leading importer in the U.S. for decades and has always strived to set a high mark for both social and environmental responsible practices in rug production. The opening of their premier weaving facility in Kathmandu a few years ago launched one of the most modern weaving operations to-date; boasting large, open, well-lit working and living spaces that incorporate “green” architectural elements such as roofing that accentuates natural light and improves ventilation.

The dealers, designers, and end-users that have worked with Tamarian over the years know that the high-end quality of their rugs come from a production of equally high standards. 

Tamarian’s Marketing Director Ned Baker states, “We are often celebrated for giving client’s a
‘great experience’ along with an amazing rug, which is only possible because we have clear lines of communication with our manufacturers and partners with good information flowing back/forth. This is not possible with a production that exploits people and resources. Our partnership with Label STEP is a logical evolution to assure we are genuine in our commitments.”

Label STEP’s managing Director Reto Aschwanded agrees, ““We are excited about the partnership with Tamarian and proud to welcome one of the leading Tibetan rug brands as a new member. We believe it will not only benefit Tamarian’s weavers and artisans but will strengthen the sustainability of Nepal’s handmade carpet industry.”

For more info contact:

Ned Baker Marketing Director



Labor Day 60 min Play

A nice 60min run for your work and fun for this Labor Day Weekend. We appreciate and are grateful for our ability to work despite the Planet’s hardships and celebrate the many people woven into our world that make it possible. Paired with a glimpse of the NEW Zoe in PW Charcoal Flame, fresh work!

The design ZOE interpreted in our textural “Phoenix Weave” in Charcoal Flame palette.

Tamarian Social Playlist #16- Jonathan Lewis’ Esoteric Musings of the Marginally Unhinged

Detail of design Cello Tk Haze available in standard sizes and several other palettes. http://www.tamarian.com

Wah Gwaan! Our friend and fellow Rugsmith Jonathan Lewis offers a DEEP list steeped heavily in the roots of reggae with side-trips to the mainlands. Paired with a detail shot of one of J-Lewz fav rugs, Cello TK Haze, we invite you to ‘Kick up Rumpus’ and take a journey!


Tamarian Social Playlist #15-Fouad Mahfuz’s “Live Free or Die”!

A detail of our NEW design Reyes PW Discus http://www.tamarian.com

Art, creativity, human expression all flow freely through many mediums connecting seemingly distant worlds together. Such are rugs, such is life. Our friend Fouad shares the passions for wool and song at the helm of Persian Rug Galleries in Nashua, NH as a 4th generation #ruglife stalwart.

NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist

Michael Christie added the “aka The Ruggist” to his title in 2008 with NO plan but an informed opinion and the stones to voice those opinions out loud!

NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist Tamarian presents NEDtalks

In this ROBUST episode we talk with Michael Christie, Editor of Rug Insider Magazine as well as colorful industry blogger, The Ruggist! We try to coax BOTH of these voices to the table to see how they manage their different perspectives and learn a bit of Michael's backstory that may inform these two "characters".  We cover a lot but the central themes emerge as Michael articulates his passions for the industry and his genuine love for rugs. ENJOY and be sure to visit our blog https://tamariansocial.wordpress.com for the visual companion!
  1. NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist
  2. Bespoke Custom Rug with The Scarab
  3. Portland Maine Edition-Brett Mougalian and Tyler Karu
  4. Tamarian Social Presents: NED talks Pilot Episode
follow @theruggist for an unfettered take on rugs and beyond.

A stalwart to the industry, Michael is; promoter, reporter, connector, friend, and general pollinator for all things rugs!

Although Michael is well versed in a variety of carpet styles/origins, he has a particular affinity for Tibetan rugs and the country, culture, and people of Nepal.
“I’ve become more of a collector, I think everyone becomes a bit of a collector as they get older.”
#tableauxdepompoms was a fun trend started by The Ruggist during initial lock downs to keep the industry active, engaged, and connected.

Be sure to follow @theruggist and subscribe to Rug Insider magazine!

Rug Insider features Tamarian in Summer 2020 issue

Rug Insider’s feature article in the Summer 2020 issue spotlight’s our reinvigorated path forward.

Follow the link to learn more about our company from this great article by Rug Insider! The cover rug is our design “Dwarika PW Mint”, a staple in our PW collection and a real catch-all for so many varying interiors. Available IN STOCK and in several other color ways.


Dwarika PW Sunset

Dwarika PW Smoke

Tamarian Social Playlist #11-California

Decked PW James is available, along with several other color palettes, in all standard rug sizes.

This week we shout out the sounds of the Golden State and give it to all the great tunes California has inspired. From Laurel Canyon to the Record Plant, up the PCH, over the Golden Gate, and beyond, let’s do some California Dreamin’ alongside our wildly popular design Decked PW James.