Our newly designed website is now LIVE and and will be evolving throughout the next several months with enhanced features for both Tamarian Dealers and interested buyers alike! Let’s take a quick tour of some of the premier features available now…

The new website is teeming with stocked product to offer a myriad of looks, colors, and price points. To help you sort through this amazing selection of inventory we have enhanced our filtering and navigation features.


The Homepage offers links to featured product, but a quick click on Collections will reveal more powerful filtering tools, like selecting “current line” under “categories” to see our running line of actively stocked designs.

Search features have been simplified to allow for faster navigation to your “THAT’S IT!” rug.

Links to our various social media accounts allow you to access all our content and follow the stories of our rugs. Be sure to follow @tamariansocial and subscribe to our feeds including a Spotify Playlist and Podcast!

Stock and Custom rugs

A click on a rug will reveal the stock position showing; individual pieces available in the various standard sizes, approximate delivery ETA, and a link to add a specific piece to your shopping cart to keep track of your selections.

Thumbnail links to alternate color ways for a given design are shown alongside the main image. You can also click the “customize” link to use our virtual custom tools.

Customization features include adjustments to materials, knotting techniques, and pile heights. But the most powerful feature is our 1200 color virtual pom box that is the springboard to creating the perfect palette for your next custom rug.

The color changes with a click and allows you to download your work as a rendering and submit to Tamarian so we can assist with the next steps.

Virtual room settings offer some context to the rug but the latest feature allows you to upload a picture of your OWN ROOM to play out your custom fantasies.

Features will continue to be added, enhanced, and NEW RUGS will post so be sure to check back often!

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